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Rene Dan Jet 1990 Bay Stallion Jet of Honor x Bobbys Rene 2012 Breeding Fee: $1000 (Booking/Chute fee included) Cooled Semen available Rene Dan Jet has 662 AQHA Open performance points and 89.5 Amateur performance points. Rene has won 4 AQHA World Championships in both barrel racing and pole bending. He is also a three time Reserve World Champion in pole bending and two time Congress champion. His lifetime earnings exceed $25,950.

Rene Dan Jet is the only stallion to be inducted into the National Pole Bending Association Hall of Fame as both a performer and a sire. He has sired 134 performers wieth 3,503 AQHA Open performance points, 1306.5 Amateur points and $124,256 in earnings including CDF Red Jets Ablazen, earner of $36,022. He has also produced 3 World Champions and 7 Reserve champions.

What we are loving about the babies is the willing trainability. It doesn¹t matter what kind of momma they come out of, these babies are EASY! They retain what you show them, they don¹t have to be camped on every day or ridden down for an hour before the show, they aren¹t hot or silly or racey but they can run so fast and turn so quickly. These foals make training horses fun again.

Rene is sadly retired now but he has 2 great sons filling his position. Redneck Jet and Bulzeye Dan. Google them for more information.


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