Our Horses
"Dallas" ~ Buckskin Appendix gelding, 16.3hh, 12 years old. Dallas is a trained jumper. Has show experience up to 3 feet, but schools at home over jumps as high as 4 feet! He's also comfortable in many mid-level dressage movements--shoulder-in, haunches-in, leg-yield, medium trot, and flying changes. He's friendly and sweet to handle on the ground. An excellent mount for intermediate and advanced riders of all ages because of his supreme athletic abilities.
  "Frisco" ~ Tri-colored APHA registered gelding, 14.3hh, 18 years old. Frisco is a jack of all trades, making him the heart and soul of our lesson program. Almost every rider will have their initial lessons on him. If his big ears, quirky facial expressions, and high-pitched whinny don't steal your heart right away his abilities in the arena certainly will. He has an easy, rythmic trot that's just bouncy enough to teach riders how to post well--a fundamental skill in english riding! His canter is forward and a bit bouncy, but great for practicing a two-point position. Frisco loves to jump and has taken countless riders successfully over their first jumps ever. Trail rides and shows are also on his resume. But the best part about Frisco is that he loves his job, it's quite evident by the way he carries himself around the arena.
"Phury" ~ FOR SALE! Brown Bay Thoroughbred gelding, unraced, 17hh, 13 years old. Phury is an intermediate/advanced teen or adult amateur's cup of tea. His training background is in trail riding and hunter paces. Smooth ride for a big guy. Most recently he's been doing lower level dressage and some jumping in the arena. Cool and confident out on the trail and at shows.
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