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"You were heaven sent when our sweet girl JODY passed away. Your kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Care and Respect of JODY will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated.  We think you are very special, Janice, our family is incredibly grateful you found your way to us. You helped mend our broken hearts with you thoughtful and kind warm words. Thanks SO much."
Shelli Brudzinski
Sept 2, 2020

"Jancie, your kindness and time spent was so important. You are a beautiful inspiration and remain in my heart. Thank you for being there for me as well as my horse 'UTZIE'. I am very lucky to have crossed paths with you. After losing both my dad and Utzie your kindness and word have meant so much."

"I have been acquainted with Janice for several  years.  Our acquaintance is always at a time when a friend is grieving over the loss of her beloved horse. Janice never fails to show the upmost professionalism and compassion.  She is always patient and kind and willing to answer any questions the horse owner may have.  She has a job that very few people would be able to handle, yet she handles her delicate task with composure, efficiency, and the ability to comfort the bereaved.  We are fortunate to be able to call on her when needed the most."
 Beth Palicz, Horseowner

"I just wanted to thank you for the compassion, kindness and empathy you shared with me and my horse, Clyde. He was such a sweet and gentle soul and it comforts me to know that you treated him with such respect and dignity even though you didn't know him. Thank you so much." Debbie

"Thank you for your job you do for the Horse community, you are always thoughtful and your kindness goes above and beyond in this less than perfect situations."
Angie S and Penny Lane

"Want to thank you so much for all you did for me to help me when my sheep were killed by the Mountain Lion. It was to hard for me to even look at them. You cleaned up after them and locked all the gate,
And put the other goats and sheep in the enclosed new pen for me,
Thank you so much for all your kindness as well as all your help."

"You never cease to amaze me, you kind and understanding is always their in this tough area to deal with Loosing my horse is never easy, but you made things so much better,
I do not know what I would do with out you and you help when we loose our beloved pets.
God Bless you for who you are and what you stand for compassion,
as well as honesty, that is almost gone in the world we live in today."

"Brooks Thank you for coming in such a short notice, your Kindness and Patience is greatly appriciated, Thank you from the bottom of my Heart and for taking care of my big Annie Girl."
Karen M

Thank you so much for your kindness on Saturday towards "Harri" our beloved horse,
your Tender Touch was very much appreciated.
Thank you again,
Karen, Jean, Sarah

Just a short note to thank you for your kind and caring thoughts and actions this morning,
Putting down my old man every bit as heart breaking as I expected.
Your kindness and thoughts helped a great deal,
Also I am so great full to you for collecting his tail and sending it off for me to have a bracelet made
for me, and not to mention the most beautiful box that you made to send it back to me in. I just could not have done this with out your help and you even call me back a two days later to check on me, as I was a such a mess that day.
You have a very special caring way about you.

Thank you for your tack and sympathy in our difficult time.
Dorothy Danville

Thank you, the love of God is revealed in every act of your Kindness, You have a very kind soul, and I am very great full to be able to know you as well as the horses and their owner lives that you touch in a very distressed time.
Dee Jackson

Thank you for helping me with my Horse "Geronimo" You family have been their for me as well as my great grand parents for over 65 years. and I am so great full to you for you kindness and compassion.
Best regard,
Kelly McDoogual

Thank you so much for taking caring of my Dyna, and through the whole process your compassion was their,
you are such a nice person.
I truly do not know how you do what you do, But I will tell you are a gift to the horse community.
You go above and beyond your call.
Take care,
Marian and my angel "Dyna"

It must be hard to do what you do, but I am so glad you do it. I appreciate you professionalism and compassion you showed during this difficult time for me. I will miss my boys "Rocky & Rascal".
Thank you for your Service
Renee Brice

You are such a Special Lady, Thank you for giving your WHOLE HEART to what you do.
I hope that you can find it in your self to take a moment just for you as you do
so much for horses and their owner in a sad time of grief.
Stacy Young

You Made a horindous situation easier to bear. Thank you form the bottom of my heart for being their for us.

You may not hear it often enough, but you are a wonderful person and are greatly appreciated.
Thank you for all you do.

You have an amazing Heart. Thank you for being that wonderful loving voice on the other end of the phone line. So sweet of you to take your time with me to share your kind words.
Thank you Amanda K.

When our Horse Passed away, Your great Kindness and Compassion soften a painful time. Your Warmth and Empathy exuded your great and loving Soul. Thank you for embracing us with your Light.
We deeply appreciated you immediate and skillful Professionalism. You are amazing and a sterling Example to all.
We wish you all of life's good things, May other always treat you with the grace and goodness you gave to us. we send to you
our love and heartfelt Thanks.

Your have such a difficult job and yet you do it with a dignity that I find truly Inspiring. And I must say it makes me tear up when I think of the times I've seen you take our horses as much care as you did knowing the grief most of us were feeling. Thank you for all you have done for us as well as our horses we love. We appreciate you so much.
Valerie Choi



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