Mobile Software Services
  Extend, Inc. has been providing messaging software consulting and development services for companies including Microsoft, GE, US Postal Service, Goldman Sachs, HP, fusionOne and many other companies since 1993. Extend had built native MAPI transport services for Outlook97, Outlook98, and Outlook2000 to access cc:Mail server.  
Since 2000, Extend has provided software development services for building applications for mobile devices. Extend has in-depth experience developing mobile applications and system level plug-ins including narrow band sockets and email .
The development team is located in California's Silicon Valley and Guangzhou, China.
In 1995, Extend successfully launched a software product Winzones, a Global Time Zone Software for International Businesses.
WinZones is used daily in large and small businesses around the world, including many Fortune 500 Companies. Click on any of the following headings to view a partial list of major corporate users in that category.
Lockheed, Israel Aircraft Industries International.
Airlines / Shipping
United Parcel Service, Orient Overseas Container Corp., Global Worldwide Inc., Maersk Lines, Canadia Air, Kuwait Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines.
Toyota, Lexus.
Banks / Financial
Goldman Sachs, Nations Bank, American Express International, Bank of America, Bank of the West, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Prudential Securities, Michigan National Bank, Mercantile Bank, National Australia Bank, Price Waterhouse, London Life, SAFECO Insurance, Banco Central Hispano, Government of Singapore Investment Corp.
Harris Corporation, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Georgia, University of Missouri, University of Wisconsin Law School.
Food and Beverage
Kellogg Company, Sarah Lee Corporation, Burger King, Jim Beam Brands Co., Amway, Cribari Vineyards, Oregon-Wash.-Calif. Pear Bureau.
U.S. State Department, U.S. Department of Commerce, The United Nations, Federal Aviation Administration, Australia Dept. of Prime Minister, American Consul General to New Zealand, Embassy of Mexico to Saudi Arabia, State of Illinois, County of San Jose CA.
Hotels / Resorts
Hilton Hotels International, Raddison Hotels International, Club Med, Bally Gaming.
Law Enforcement
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Canadian Mounted Police, City of San Diego Police.
National Semiconductor, S.C. Johnson, AlliedSignal, Pfizer International, Sanyo, Monsanto, GTE, Merck Japan, Reynolds International, Faber Castell Corp., Bridgestone / Firestone, Jantzen Inc., Clinique International, Lennox Export Division, Tupperware Corp.
Media / Entertainment

The Walt Disney Company (UK), NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Metromedia International, Virgin Music.

Oil / Mining
Exxon, Pennzoil, Saudi Aramco, Gate Petroleum, Oremet Titanium, BHP Copper Company.
Software / Computers
Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Sony Corporation, Motorola, General Electric, Digital Equipment Corp., Westinghouse, Spectrodyne.
AT&T, Nynex, MCI, Pacific Telesis, Sprint, Infonet, Nortel, Mtel International, North American Telephone.
The Vatican, Latter Day Saints Church, Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia.
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